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About Us

Breathe easy with The Air Station


The Air Station Malaysia supplies world-class continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) technology, and a one-stop solution for all your Sleep Care, CPAP and Sleep Apnea needs, from diagnostic to therapy. We provide ground-breaking innovations in sleep therapy at affordable prices to help you breathe easy at night.

The Air Station Malaysia aims to deliver restful nights through its network of Sleep Health professionals and fuss free connectivity to medical services and information. 

We provide a platform that makes CPAP journey simple and highly accessible. Tapping on MedTech advancements, The Air Station Malaysia is transforming sleep health by creating care pathways that enhances compliance and encourages positive outcomes that were never possible before. All our patients, doctors and sleepcare providers are empowered through our platform to deliver more restful nights. They have access to data at their fingertips and the ability to track therapy progress allow them to make informed decisions on their sleep well-being.

The Air Station Malaysia looks toward building a nation of restful nights with our integrated sleep health solutions.


If you look after the small things in life, you’ll get a lot back. That’s why we’re here – to help you get the best out of life.


From portable CPAP machines to tailored therapy machines, quiet nasal masks to comfortable full-face masks, our trusted sleep therapy products enable you to take control of your condition and enjoy a natural breathing experience, wherever and whenever you sleep. 


15 years of regional industry experience


38 state-of-the-art sleep labs launched in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines


We believe in


Pushing boundaries to transform healthcare

Advancing medical education

Always delivering on our promise of creating a better life for all our customers

Empowering customers to take control of their wellbeing

Raising the standard of medical care


It’s your turn to rise and shine


At The Air Station, we believe in partnering you on your CPAP journey all the way so as to improve your sleep quality for you to lead a  healthy life.


Clinically proven


We work with the world’s most advanced CPAP brands from reputable Medical device companies from Germany and Australia. 




Our range includes revolutionary products that slip into your purse or bag for CPAP sleep therapy on the go.




Benefit from a built-in waterless humidifier that maintains warmth and moisture levels, helping to reduce throat dryness, prevent nasal congestion and promote a good night’s sleep.




Why not browse our range of CPAP-compatible nasal and full face masks to find the right fit for you?


We help you to rest easy


At The Air Station, we know that your experience with sleep apnea will be unique to you. Our mission is to help you discover the right device for your needs.


Get the most out of life and get in touch with our dedicated customer service team to find out more!

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