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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions


1. Warranty is granted by Easmed Pte Ltd, with respect to CPAPs sold by or Easmed Singapore, and is valid across all countries with Easmed distribution, ie. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia, where the brands of purchase may be applicable with distribution rights. 


2. Warranty coverage is valid period stated, beginning on the date of purchase.


3. During the warranty period, Easmed shall repair and replace any parts that are found to be manufacturing defects.


4. The warranty shall not cover unauthorised modifications, improper storage, improper handling, internal ‘ exposure to moisture, misuse, normal wear and tear of product parts or abuse such as dropping of the CPAP.


5. Warranty does not extend to accessories such as mask and hose.


Servicing of CPAP:


  • Customers are advised to do yearly servicing on their CPAP for optimal performance of the machine.


  • Free yearly servicing is provided during the period of warranty, from the date of purchase.

  • Free servicing will be forfeited if the machine is not sent in to Easmed by the end of the warranty period.

  • Customers are advised to make a service appointment prior to drop off/ pick up of CPAP. Please call Easmed office for an appointment.

  • Replacement unit will not be provided for servicing purposes.


  • Replacement parts are subjected to availability, with lead time of up to 60days.


Commissioning in hospital:


- In case of hospitalization, CPAP machines brought into hospitals for use will be subjected to individual hospital rules and regulations.


- Commissioning labour charges apply if commissioning is required by the hospital.


- One day advance notice is required for commissioning work in the hospital.


- Please contact The Airstation or Easmed office for commissioning request, operating hours are from Mon to Fri, 9am - 6pm.



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