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Which cpap mask is best for you?


Properly fitting your mask is a crucial step toward comfortable therapy. At The Air Station, we answer your most frequently asked questions below.


Q. What's the correct way to fit a mask?


A. Fitting a mask properly depends a lot on your position. Facial muscles change when we lie down and relax even further once we’re asleep, so it’s always best to fit the mask while you’re in your sleeping position. Whether you sleep in a bed with no pillows or in a recliner, you should fit your mask in your natural sleeping position. If you experience difficulties in fitting your mask, please refer to your mask user guide for complete fitting instructions or discuss it with your care provider or equipment supplier.


Q. How can I keep my mask on at night? I tend to remove it while I’m sleeping without realizing it.


A. As each individual adapts to their therapy differently, there may be various contributing factors requiring a personalized approach. You may discuss this with us or your physician.


Q. Do I have the right mask size? I have to strap it so tight to obtain a seal that it hurts.


A. It’s important not to over-tighten your mask. Doing so may be a sign that you have the wrong cushion size or an incorrectly adjusted forehead support. If you experience difficulties in fitting your mask, please refer to your mask user guide for complete fitting instructions.


Q. My mask is leaking. What does this mean?


Refer to the troubleshooting section in your mask user guide. Mask leak may indicate one of several things, including:

  • incorrect adjustment

  • incorrect assembly

  • incorrect size

  • your mask is worn out and needs replacement



ResMed nasal mask fitting templates:



ResMed full face mask fitting templates:

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