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Safetosleep200 | Baby monitor

Why Sleep Wellness Is Crucial For Babies

Sleep wellness is achieved when babies get sufficient safe and quality sleep. When babies have ample quality sleep, their brains and intelligence can develop optimally. Optimal brain development is key to helping your baby expand their neural networks which helps them to process information and stimuli to benefit learning. Healthy and safe sleep also helps your baby with motor skill and physical development.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Most babies, regardless if they are pre-term or full-term, experience episodes of periodic breathing.

Periodic breathing is a breathing pattern. The baby might have a pause in their breathing for a few seconds followed a few fast, shallow breaths before their breathing returns to a normal, steady pace. Periodic breathing is common in almost all babies between 0 to 6 months. 

Why you should monitor periodic breathing

Ample oxygen and quality sleep are the fundamentals of a healthy start for all babies. Periodic breathing can cause oxygen desaturation and affect your baby's breath and sleep wellness, which may negatively impact your baby's brain and cognitive development.

About STS200

The SafetoSleep200 baby monitor is a sleep wellness and breathing monitor. It is designed to monitor the breathing of your sleeping baby and alert you if your baby’s breathing becomes irregular. The SafetoSleep200 baby monitor should be used with our complementary SafetoSleep app, which tracks and provides you with comprehensive sleep and breath wellness reports and logs. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

24/7 Monitoring

Monitors your baby day and night

The STS200 baby monitor constantly monitors your baby around the clock ensuring that you will have a complete peace of mind. With the STS200 baby monitor, both you and your baby will sleep better knowing that the STS200 baby monitor is always on duty.

Safe to Sleep 200 (STS200)

Smartphone enabled

Complete picture of your baby’s sleep wellness

Thanks to the STS200 mobile application, it has never been easier to paint a full picture of your baby’s natural sleep rhythms and sleep wake cycles. Comprehensive charts and interactive data points allow you insight to your baby’s sleep wellness.

Safe to sleep 200 (STS200) app showing breaths per minute

Built-in speaker​

Stay close to your baby even while away​​

Make your presence felt even while away. Sing to your baby or read him a bedtime story before he turns in. Simply record your voice on the STS mobile application so it can be streamed to your baby through the built in speakers on the STS200 itself.


Safe to sleep 200 (STS200) app
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Safetosleep 200 Baby Monitor Introduction


STS200 App

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