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Childhood Obesity Effects and Preventions

Childhood obesity is a serious public health issue in Malaysia and worldwide. It affects children's physical and social well-being and contributes to poor health and sleep quality. The epidemic has also had a negative impact on economic costs.

What are the Effects?

Childhood obesity can have an effect on a child's self-esteem. It can lead to psychological disorders. It can also be a risk factor for type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.

Overweight children are more likely to have emotional symptoms, conduct problems and behavioral issues. They may also be bullied by other children. It is also more likely that obese kids will be diagnosed with depression.

Many children are overweight because they have unhealthy eating patterns and lack of regular physical activities. They are also at higher risk of developing behavioral problems, such as aggression and conduct disorders.

Sleep patterns and childhood obesity are also linked, according to other studies. In one study of elementary-age children, 71% of those who stayed up late had obesity.

Childhood Obesity Preventions

In the US, several childhood obesity interventions have been developed. They involve promoting healthy eating habits, decreasing sedentary behaviors and increasing physical activity. They are conducted in various settings.

Taking a family-centered approach helps to make the change more acceptable. Depending on the intervention, parents can encourage their children to eat healthier and lead by example.

Children are encouraged to reduce their consumption of sugary drinks and fast foods. They should also limit their exposure to television and other electronic devices. In addition, they should eat a wide variety of foods.

Studies have found that sleeping earlier can have a lifelong impact on children. Therefore, young children should be taught the importance of their bedtimes.

In short, children need to develop good eating and exercise habits early on in their lives. Changing their habits at an early age can prevent future eating problems. A child's sleeping time may be a factor in predicting obesity. Talk to the doctor if your children have an overweight or sleeping problem. Contact us for more information about children's sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment.


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