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ResMed's chin restraint helps to hold your mouth closed during CPAP or bilevel therapy with a nasal or pillow mask. This reduces therapy side-effects such as air swallowing and dryness in the mouth and throat, so you can enjoy a more comfortable experience and more effective treatment.


This simple, user-friendly accessory is made of neoprene and is comfortable, adjustable and washable.

  • Comfortable: the stretchable side strap and soft chin cup are gentle on the skin and keep your mouth comfortably closed during therapy.


  • Versatile: fits easily under or over most CPAP mask headgear and can be used with a wide range of mask and pillow systems.


  • Simple: the single-strap design fastens at the top of your head and has velcro fittings that are easy to adjust.


  • Washable: the chin restraint is made of neoprene and can easily be washed in warm water.

ResMed Chin Restraint

SKU: 16015
RM 83.00Harga
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